Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Silly Happy Birthday Poem to Me!

I love my birthday. Why? Because I love life. Every birthday represents another year to live and love and enjoy this beautiful world God created. I've always been a girl with a lust for life, and these baby pics made me laugh. From day one I've been on the go!

This year I love living even more than past years. Cancer gives a new appreciation for every day. You celebrate your birthdays big time! So, as is my custom, this writer who is not a poet wrote a birthday poem. Enjoy!

Oh what joy! I am just fine
Celebrating birthday number 69.

A year ago I did not know
If 68 would end my show.

But God Almighty, the Great Divine,
Smiled and said "Happy Birthday child of mine!

Your days are ordained—all in a line.
More birthdays for you is My Grand Design."

So live well my friends and never whine.
Celebrate your birthdays—dance and dine!

Each birthday is a treasure to live—not resign.
You'll be happy forever if you cling to the Vine.

I look forward to laughs aplenty
As God blesses my way to number 70.

Happy Birthday to me, Miss Splashes of Serenity!


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