Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Cancer Miracle! Thank You for Praying!

"Did she just say I was terminal?" I asked my husband as the oncologist left us alone to digest the test results.

"We're all terminal." The only words my hand-holding husband could say as he comforted me and grasped his own sudden grief.

We didn't tell anyone. Not one. Try telling your children you are soon to die. Impossible to do. A mother's heart can never hurt her child. I couldn't inflict that pain on them. Not yet.  I was still stage 0, so we held on to that hope and the promises of God to carry us through this quick journey to Heaven.

Doctors chastised us. "You must tell people. Your children need to know. You can't bear this alone." The conclusion of test results saying "rapid progression, low survivability, high risk, not responsive to treatment" haunted me all hours of the day and night.

Then it happened. I got sick. Thanksgiving 2016 I thanked God that He had given me nine months, because in one month I went from stage 0 to stage 3 high risk leukemia.

"We've got great news for you!" was not what I expected to hear the oncologist say. "A new drug specifically for high risk leukemia has just been approved. You take three pills a day. There are no
side effects. You won't get sick or lose your hair. It has a 90 percent effective rate."

Good news indeed! The week before Christmas Dan and I prayed over our pills (Ha! They are our pills, not my pills, because from day one Dan assured me we are one in sickness and in health.)  We asked God to Please destroy the leukemia and keep it from progressing. And please Lord, let me be in the 90 percent where they are effective and not the 10 percent who die.

Celebrate with me that I had no side effects from the medicine and the best news ever:

Last week my blood count was normal!!! 

"Phenomenal!" my oncologist gasped and then said again, "This is phenomenal!"

Why are we surprised? We're not. We have a phenomenal God who can do not only the impossible, but also the phenomenal.

Thank you for your prayers. Oncologists expect I will live a full and long life. What joy knowing He has more work for me to do here on earth.

Yes, I am writing a book as I travel the cancer road, for God has taught me much about the joy of life that healthy people miss. Please pray my words will be God's words. Thank you.

Splashes of Serenity. Every day there are splashes of serenity. Don't miss yours today.


  1. God bless you. So happy for your miracle!

  2. Me too! God has given me new perspective on life and living. As well, He has given me peace about Heaven and dieing. It's all good!

  3. Our God is gracious!

  4. Absolutely true. He is gracious if He gives us a long life or a short one. Whatever the results, He is gracious.

  5. Amen! Our Healer hears our prayers and smiles at your testimony. Thank you, Jesus. ♡

  6. Thank you Rebecca Rae. Thank You Jesus!

  7. I know God listens to your prayers. Hugs my darling. T

  8. Thank you, Thea. We've never met, but I consider you a dear and fun friend. Thanking God for you.

  9. Yeah God!!!!!

  10. He is so good!

  11. Oh, I am. I am. My hope is to Praise God! no matter what He decides for my life. Thanks for praising Him with me.


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