Friday, November 6, 2015

A Different Kind of Elevator Pitch

The pretty girl, suitcase in hand,  backed herself into the far corner of the elevator. No one looked, No one talked, but I noticed  her tear-filled eyes.

As the elevator descended, tears fell on her cheeks. Her pain-filled face became more anxious with each opening of the elevator door.

My heart ached for her. How could I help this dear child in her trouble? Without another thought I spoke:

"I don't know what is going on in your life, but may I pray for you?" 

"Oh, yes" she whispered.

"Heavenly Father, I don't know what is happening in this dear child's life, but you do. I pray in the Name of Jesus that You  bring her comfort and peace. Lord, please give her wisdom for any decisions she must make. Guide her path and hold her hand. May she know that You love her and You care. Help her through these days I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen."

"Thank you for praying for me. My fiance got drunk last night and hit me. We've been together eight years. Our wedding is next summer. I'm leaving him and going home to my parents. Thank you for caring and praying. I need it."

"You are doing the right thing. Please be strong and don't go back to an abusive relationship. God has a much better plan for your life. I believe there is a man out there who will love you as you deserve."

And so we went our different ways. Yet, God bound our hearts  together in prayer for a moment in time.  If you think of her, please pray for her.

We live in a world of hurting people. As Christians may we not rush through the busyness of our days wearing blinders to the people God puts in our path who need our love, our care, our prayers.

Be ready. 

Be alert. 

Be looking.

Be a splash of serenity to people God places in your life today.



  1. Bless your sweet heart, Elaine. Thankful for those divine appointments.

  2. I'm so glad I noticed her pain. May the Lord use our less than a minute together to bring her to Him.
    Thanks for the comment.


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