Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Seeking 12 to Pray Circles Around my Books

Dearest friends,

Satan is attacking marriages. He is dancing around our homes scheming and shooting darts to destroy our families. Have you felt the darts? I have. It's time to pray circles around our homes and around my books. God is using We All Married Idiots  around the world (in English, Spanish, and Bosnia/Herzegovina marriages) and that makes satan attack harder.

My publisher, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC), would like to pray circles around my books. They asked if I could provide 12  people who will join LPC in prayer for my ministry. Those 12  will receive a daily e-mail encouragement and prayers to pray for Elaine Miller's books.

If you would like to be in this prayer circle, please send your email address to  SplashesofSerenity@yahoo.com,  and let me know.

I realize many of you receive too many emails already, so I understand if you don't want to obligate to a daily email. As well, some of you pray for me daily without an email reminder. So, that's good too!

On the other hand, what joy realizing Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolina's belief in prayer and the impact We All Married Idiots is having on this world.   

Please join me in prayer for marriages and for the world-wide work of We All Married Idiots.

Thank you. Prayer is like a splash of serenity on a hot and humid day and satan hates it. To the glory of God!


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