Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lessons to Moms and Wives from the Pen of my 8 Year Old Son.

I found this precious essay while emptying file cabinets into boxes as we downsize and move to our retirement home. My little boy's words speak volumes to moms and wives about what our children need.

Be fun! Don't take life so seriously. Your child cherishes laughter and  fun.

Hug! Little ones need to feel your love, not just hear it.

Be nice. Trust me, Sam could have written "She is mean." Thanking God that with all the discipline I enforced every day, he still wrote that I was nice. A gentle reminder to us all  that when upset with our child, we can still be nice.

Date your husband. Little hearts break when mommy and daddy drift apart. Keep love alive by showing affection and dating. Some parents don't want to leave their children home alone, but seeing mom and dad love each other brings joy and security to the family.

Look great!  Eat healthy. Exercise. Care for your physical, emotional, spiritual self. You'll feel better, look better, and have more energy to be fun, hug, be nice, date your sweetie, and look great!

That's my splash of serenity for you on this summer day! Go out and have some fun, hug your family, make nice, arrange a surprise date with your honey, and take some "me" time to care for yourself.

 I return to my packing knowing lots of paper is being thrown out, but I'm keeping this treasure!



  1. That's right, Sam! Aren't you glad you saved that letter?

  2. And today he is a Major in the U.S. Air Force JAG Corp. I hope his little Lily writes him a precious letter some day.


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