Monday, December 2, 2013

Keeping Christ the Center of Your Child's Christmas

As a parent, do you struggle keeping Christ the center of your child's Christmas? The world draws our little ones away from Jesus in so many subtle ways — especially at Christmas. I strive to give my loved ones presents that bring inquisitive eyes and easily-influenced ears back to the One Whose birth we celebrate December 25.

 Storytime — A 52-Week Bible Storybook for Families is the book I bought for my grandchildren this Christmas. If there is one book to buy for your little ones, please buy this one.


Author Catherine DeVries takes your family on a Bible adventure from Genesis through Acts. Written for children ages four and up, DeVries and her publisher, David Cook, produced a magnificent, beautifully illustrated, hardcover, interactive Bible devotional book for the entire family.

Storytime equips parents (and Sunday School teachers) with a weekly plan for an entire year of doing devotions together with their children. Each devotion only takes about 10 minutes. The heart of the book is Family Talk Time, in which you can remember and discuss the stories together, discover the Bible theme, and then share thoughts and experiences that relate to you personally as a family.

 Storytime includes:
 52 Bible stories;
 52 modern stories about families like yours that include colorful illustrations, comic books, and rebus formats; and
52 devotions exploring what you learned and closing with a prayer and memory verse.

I'm wrapping two for Christmas. I hope you do too!

You can purchase Storytime on at

Give your family a splash of serenity at Christmas with a present that teaches His Presence,



  1. That looks like an awesome book. We're expecting our first grandchild in May--can't wait to share things like this with him/her:).

  2. Thanks Lisa. I see we are both friends with Mariane Holbrook. Aren't we blessed?


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