Thursday, October 24, 2013

When Marriage Gets Dirty

"Your talk on marriage covered it all" a mom said at my book table.

"My marriage hit bottom but we worked through the hard times." I answered.

"That's it! That's the key. You worked through it!" She continued "Today marriages fail because they don't work through it. As soon as problems arise, the couple takes a detour, or skirt their way around it, sweep problems under the rug, or just walk away from their marriage. They give up without even trying to work through it." Her "Aha!" moment spoke to my heart.

"I know too many marriages give up too soon. If they would just work through their difficulties their marriages would come out stronger."

"You are right!"

Sometimes marriage gets ugly and dirty and you just have to work through it. Stay. Keep taking steps toward reconciliation. Trudge through the mess.

Remember, you may not love your spouse today, but feelings and emotions change. Next week, you could be hand in hand running into the sunshine, if you just hold on through the dirt.

Do you agree that marriages fail because couples give up instead of work through their problems? Your thoughts are appreciated.

May God splash your marriage clean on those muddy days!


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