Friday, July 5, 2013

A Marriage Isn't About the Wedding. It's About the Emergency Rooms.

Happy 16th Anniversary to our daughter Joanna and her husband Bob Price. They are supposed to be off on a romantic overnight anniversary trip with a room with a lake view, Jacuzzi, and fireplace.

 Instead, they are in the emergency room with their 6 year old Ryan. He'll be fine, but has a nasty facial gash from an early-morning bike ride on my driveway.  I'm feeling a bit sick about all this.

Then God reminded me that marriage has less to do with weddings and more to do with trips to the emergency room. Those crises are what strengthen and bond a couple so much more than who catches the wedding garter.

Praying for a marriage strengthening anniversary today! Praying for our brave boy Ryan!

UPDATE: Ryan was a brave boy requiring ten stitches. Joanna and Bob left on their get away trusting God and grandma to care for their son. He's doing great and I hear from the Newlyweds of 16 years that they are too!

The worst things can bring the greatest splashes of Serenity,


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  1. Happy anniversary to Bob and Joanna! I'm not sure which to be more thankful for - that Ryan is okay or for their dedication to their marriage and entrusting Ryan to God and Grandma while they retreat for an anniversary celebration? Either way, many praises lifted and prayers for quick healing and memories made.

    Thanks for the Splash of Serenity and reminder that marriage is more ER visits than weekend getaways. :)

    Lisa M Buske


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