Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Red Flag for Older Marrieds Who Think They Passed the Marriage Test

The divorce rate for couples over age 50 has doubled in the last 20 years. Sad and sobering statistic. A red flag to all of us older married who think we passed the marriage test.

My heart aches for couples who think they have it all together. Come on! Who has it all together?

A middle-aged engaged couple tell me they don't need my book on marriage. Why? "We've both been married before. We know what we did wrong. This time we'll do it right!" Really? Divorce rates for second marriages are higher than the divorce rates for first marriage.

A man tells me he's been married 63 years and he doesn't need my marriage seminar. He believes his marriage will make it. I suspect he's right, but will they make it like this?

or like this?

We are never too old to improve our marriage. Let's not settle for the number of anniversaries, but for the quality of those anniversaries.
The 91 year old married 70 years tickled my heart. He bought We All Married Idiots because he knew marriage is all about work. Work that isn't finished until death do you part. This dear man wanted all of marriage, the best of marriage. He desired at age 91 to keep working to be the best husband he could be to his beloved wife. The next day he came back to my book table with the report that he had stayed up four hours reading my book and laughing himself silly. He bought another book to give away. 

"May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth."
Proverbs 5:18
Splash! Jump in that fountain with your honey and keep paddling!


  1. Elaine,

    Thank you for the reminder you give to ALL married couples, whether it has been a few days, few years, or decades. May everyone recognize the need for Jesus, communication, and love in their marriages. After all, we're nothing but a bunch of idiots. I love my idiot and he loves me. :)

    Lisa M Buske

  2. Idiots! They are the best people to love because they accept your faults too, knowing they aren't perfect people.

    Thanks for the encouragement, dear Lisa



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