Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We All Married Idiots: Three Things You'll Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can

I'm so excited to share my book cover with you. Even more excited to think of the marriages that will be helped and saved through it. Makes my heart pound. It really does.

So where did I come up with that title? Do I really think my husband is an idiot? Well, read the back cover for those answers:

"I married an idiot—and so did my spouse. The word "idiot" is derived from the Greek word meaning "common man." Aren't we all common man? In fact, there is only One who was uncommon man—Jesus Christ. Elaine W. Miller encourages couples to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and run a marriage marathon like an idiot, but not like a fool. An idiot stumbles. An idiot falls. A fool runs the wrong way.

We All Married Idiots teaches husbands and wives to stop concentrating on the three things you will never change in your marriage and begin focusing on the ten things you can. Then, you will esteem your mate not as an idiot to tolerate, but as a gift to treasure."

Available in April! May this book be a splash of serenity to every husband and wife who reads it!

Yep! I married an idiot and so did my spouse!