Friday, February 10, 2012

Life Lessons Learned From My Grandchildren

The house is now quiet. Six of my eight grandchildren visited me this week. Oh, how I miss them. Grandchildren are like a splash of serenity in a world where all else is chaos. God tells us in Matthew 18:3, to "become like little children." So, I make a practice of observing little children and learning how to behave.

This week I learned:

Children aren't afraid to fall

But they watch where they are going.

They love without expecting anything in return.

When your hat is on backwards, you are still beautiful.

It's okay to lay down on the bowling alley coaxing your ball to knock down more pins.

It's more fun holding hands than going solo.

Letting someone else go first makes you happy.

Really happy!!!

It's the simple things like a good old dog named Fudge that make you smile.

Life is short. Grandchildren grow too fast. Treasure each moment because before long they are taller than you.

Children are God's Splashes of Serenity in a world filled with sadness. Take time to enjoy them and observe how they live and love.

Treasuring each of you today,



  1. Too cute! The bowling one made me laugh! Your family is beautiful! God bless!

  2. Darling. Loved the lessons learned. So true. Thanks, Elaine.

  3. The treasure of grandchildren is a reminder that God treasures all of His children!


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