Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There's More to Writing a Book Than Writing a Book

With a HUGE sigh, "The End!" is typed. The last page is done. Your book is finished. You laugh, you jump up and down, and then you cry from exhaustion and exhilaration.

Then you wait. And wait. And wait some more. Centuries later an e-mail arrives from your agent with the subject, "Congratulations!" In awe of this hard-worked-for moment, it sinks in that a publishing contract is on its way.

The contract signed, sealed, and sent back to the publisher it all hits you again as you realize typing "The End" was only the beginning.

So, you pray and pray and pray some more asking God for direction and strength and wisdom and an absolutely pure heart as you begin thinking about the dreaded M word--Marketing!

I'm told that writing is 90 percent marketing and 10 percent writing. So, let the marketing begin! Batter's up! I'm ready to round the publishing plate and place my book, We All Married Idiots: Three Things You'll Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can in front of many eyes.

How? Well, here's just the beginning:

Seek endorsers and reviewers. God amazed me and gave me well-respected and well-known authors agreeing to endorse my book. Thank you God and friends!

Write a hook for the back cover that a reader can't resist.

Work with the publisher to design the cover.

Work with the publisher to produce a book trailer.

Plan a blog tour. Still working on this. Anyone out there have a blog and want to know why I wrote We All Married Idiots? I'll make your audience laugh--promise. Or, maybe cry. But that's good for ratings too!

Plan a facebook release party. This should be fun! Will you please come?

Develop a We All Married Idiots facebook page (for the release party and to interact with readers). Like Me! Like Me! Please!

Plan an in-house book release party. Refreshments served that won't be available at my facebook party. Sorry facebook friends.

Contact media for interviews. Two already contacted me! That was easy!

Write a press release.

Redesign both my website and my blog.
Help needed here! Any volunteers?

Order book marks and postcards to send to every person I've ever smiled at my entire life. Oh yes, I've lived 12 places. That's a lot of smiles.

Read the three pages my agent sent me of things I need to do now that the contract is signed.

And last but not least, while the busyness of marketing is going on, God's been busy putting the next book idea in my head. It is time to start writing book number 4.

My mind is spinning because through it all I'm laughing, jumping up and down, and then crying in exhaustion and exhilaration! It really is a Splashes of Serenity kind of a feeling.

Thanks for hearing my heart. My only goal each day is to be in God's will and make Him smile at me. That's better than a publishing contract any day.

Love to all who pray for me and read my books! You're the best!



  1. Congratulations, Elaine! May God direct your steps in what sounds like an overwhelming next chapter.

  2. Elaine,

    Congratulations! I would love to have you visit my blog as part of your tour! Drop me an en email and let me know when you would like to visit - as I am in the "wait, wait, and wait some more" phase - I look forward to the exhastion and joy of the next step. :) You are always in my prayers. :) Keep glorifying God - you are a witness to many. Great job dear friend!

    Lisa M Buske

  3. Thanks Rhonda and Lisa. Oh Lisa, I am counting on you as part of my blog tour. We have fun in the fog or a bog, going up a cog, training a dog, oh I am agog that you want to interview me on your blog! Phew! Now that I got the Dr. Seuss out of me. Thanks, friends.

  4. Elaine,
    I'd love to feature you on my writers' tips blog. I already have you tagged, but we could incorporate much of this blog's post with some "promo" about your new book. Congrats! Email me.

  5. Thanks, Marsha!
    You are a wonderful encouragers!

  6. Elaine,
    I would love to know why you wrote We all married idiots. (Have I told you how much I love this title?) Please come and guest blog on my site !!!



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