Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh The Silly Places Books are Born!

Last night at my writer's group, we writers got a good laugh as we shared notes of the silly places we write our books.

Those who write know that God gives you great stories at the most inconvenient times--like in the middle of the night or in the middle of a shower!

One writer keeps her Ipad next to her bed, so she can write her thoughts without rising. If she gets out of bed, she knows it will be difficult to get back into sleep.

Personally, I keep a paper and pen by my bed for the same reason. But, I have been found writing in the wee hours when the house is still and God speaks to my mind, which is half asleep and empty of the distractions of sun-rise "to do" lists.

Another announced, "I write my books in the shower!" How does she do that without getting the paper wet? Well, she has a pad of paper and pen on the bathroom counter. Her best writing thoughts happen while she is showering, so she jumps out of the shower, writes them down, and jumps back into the shower hoping for more inspiration.

"I write in the shower too! I take bathtub crayons and write my thoughts on the shower wall. On one wall is my book, on the other I write the scripture I am memorizing that week" shared another writing friend. What a great idea! Fill those shower walls with scripture and bless others taking a shower. Plus, you might get some good editing done by fellow family showerers.

This all tickled me, especially since I write bath books and wrote many of my "Splashes of Serenity" reflections while resting in the tub. Hopefully, I didn't resemble the man in the picture, but I did relax in a bubbly brew with pad and pen in hand.

The bathtub--where writers go for inspiration and splashes of serenity. Who knows, there might be a good book in you just waiting for a water birth!

Splashes of Serenity on your day!



  1. Fun post and great picture! Ha I wonder where many of our fav writers do their writing?

  2. Just for the record, I didn't take that photo and that man is not my husband. I loved the pic as well.

  3. Oh my gosh...I am laughing so hard I may need a depends. True confessions of a writer ~ love my netbook in the middle of the night and the soap crayons for bathroom walls are the best. The crayons double for love notes to your family too. It was a GREAT night! So glad we get together. :)


  4. Lisa, I hear Ethel Herr also writes her books on the shower wall with bath crayons. So funny. You are in good company or great writers think alike. Hugs!

  5. I guess I'm just a bore. I do my writing sitting in front of my PC. However, my best "thinking" is done in a snoozing position on my living room couch. When my hubby comes in to "visit" me, I say to him, "Don't bother me now. I'm working."

  6. Marsha, you aren't boring!!! Although, you might want to order one of my marriage books. When your hubby interrupts, run to him, kiss him, and say, "Later, darling!" and then make sure the "later" happens. You know, it isn't easy being married to a writer, but that's for another post. Love you, Marsha!

  7. My best ideas come in the shower, too, but I don't jump out and back in. I wait 'til I'm dry, then rush for a pad and pen!

    Someting about water and ideas seem to make a good marriage.

  8. I missed all the fun!!!!! I don't have any exciting places to add so I would've been with Lisa needing the depends as I laughed at all of you. :O)


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