Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Birthday Poem to Me

With a big "Yippee!"
And a Happy Birthday to me!
I'm thankful to say I'm 63!

I feel so free!
Finally figured out God's will for me.
Don't feel bad, I plea.
I'm glad to be alive, you see.

And so much more to be!
Oh my, still haven't snorkeled the Caribean sea!
More grandbabies to hold on my knee.
Lots of meals to eat at the Senior's fee.
No problem putting a golf ball on its tee.
Still lovin' my hubby--hee, hee, hee!

I thank God for thee
Who have walked roads with me.
Thanks for your prayers and cups of tea.
You are all so special--golly!
I'm blessed by your love unconditionally.

Life is all just Splashes of Serenity!

Looking forward with glee
To 12 months more
When I can announce I'm 64!

Happy Birthday to me!


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