Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Hubby

To my wonderful man,

I just want to ROAR
I'm so happy you're 64!
Life with you is never a bore.

My love for you goes to my core.
You make me laugh til my tummy's sore.
Your kisses take my feet off the floor.
I love you deeply, that's for sure.

You know, we still have lots to explore.
Hawaii to tour.
Airplanes to soar.
Yummy food--give me more!
Greens to yell, "Fore!"
Fly-fish a Montana shore.
Let's go to Italy and "amore!"

Grandbabies to adore.
God keeps giving us more and more!

I thank Him for you with a big High Five
Knowing it will be even better when you're 65.

Thanking God for the splash of serenity He gave me when He gave me you,

Your Elaine


Krista French said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful hubby - hope his day is fantastic! what a sweet tribute :)

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