Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Fork and Forgiveness

Do I dare admit I sat down to dinner, placed my fork on my lap, and attempted to eat with my napkin. When we realized what I had done, Dan and I laughed and laughed. Beats crying.

I am convinced this was not a Senior moment, but a Heavenly one. So, I asked God what I was to learn from this. Here's what He told me:

Oops! In a moment, I made a mistake. I didn't plan to put my fork on my lap. When I woke up in the morning, it wasn't my goal to make a fool of myself. But I did. It happened so fast. It was funny and harmless.

Not all mistakes are funny or harmless. Some hurt. Yet the Bible says "All of us make a lot of mistakes...." James 3:2 (GWT). A lot of mistakes require a lot of forgiveness. Whether putting your fork on your lap or your foot in your mouth, be ready to ask forgiveness and extend forgiveness. The people in your world don't get up with thoughts of making you miserable. Yet, it happens. When it does, please forgive--as Christ forgave you.

A simple thing like forgiveness will fill this world and your life with splashes of serenity.

BTW, I learned from my mistake. My napkin sat nicely on my lap tonight. There's a lesson there too.

Love ya,



  1. I always believe that God has a sense of humor and we would be well advised to keep ours too. Thanks for the smile, Elaine. Still praying for you. Pat P.

  2. Elaine,

    I'm thankful for God's sense of humor and often find myself saying, "God must have enjoyed that one." as I chuckle over my own silliness. Laughter is great medicine and you are right, we can't let unforgiveness or others rob us of that joy. Go girl!


  3. Hi Elaine, I've just mentioned you on my blog as one of my favourite discovered blogs. Please pass on the Versatile Blogger award. God bless you, Cate


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