Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are you a writer? Then You Need a Group!

Diane Estrella and I at the Upstate New York Christian Writers' Gathering. Diane was the first member of our writer's group. See her website at www.DianeEstrella.com. She is an amazing writer and friend.

Words are powerful. As writers of books or blogs or facebook comments or tweets, what we say influences the world. Our thoughts matter and we need to write our best to make our points clear.

Writers are warned not to publish without allowing other eyes to read what they wrote. Eyes you trust; eyes that will be honest and not flatter. Beware of family members who may be a bit biased about your story.

I am blessed by my writer's group. We call ourselves a group because we admit to needing therapy--counselling, encouragement, and a safe place to voice our frustrations and our joys. We don't like the word, "critique" because we want to encourage each other without being critical.

After last year's Upstate New York Christian Writers' Gathering held at Delta Lake Bible Conference Center, I put the word out that I would like to meet with other writers. Our group has grown from four to eight and is one of the highlights of my month. Two travel 1 1/2 hours to attend.

A lot of talent and energy fill my family room during our meeting. The stories written are heart-wrenching tales the world needs to read. For 2 1/2 hours we laugh, cry, pray, suggest, correct, edit, praise, and marvel at each other's work.

If you are a writer, it is essential you find or start a group. Here's how to keep it simple:

1. Invite writers! They are out there and they have friends who write.

2. Adopt an easy format:

Our evening begins with 30 minutes of coffee and conversation. Announcements are made regarding rejections, submissions, anything learned since last month regarding the publishing industry, any good or bad news regarding your writing, etc.

Afterwards, each person is given 15 minutes to use as they choose. (I'm the official time keeper, otherwise known as, "Sarge.")

During the 15 minutes, someone else may read aloud what you are writing and then edits, comments, suggestions, corrections, and praises are discussed. It is helpful if every person has a copy of your work in hand while it is being read.

Or, you can use your 1/4 of an hour to ask questions. One used her time to ask how to set up a blog. We all helped her and now her blog is up and running.

If you want to pass on your 15 minutes, you can give it to the person of your choosing.

3. Watch the publications begin! I was in a writer's group in Horseheads, NY. After three years every person attending was a published author. In my Rome group,in one year we have seen some published because of contacts made and suggestions given at our Writer's group.

I thank God for the gift of writing. I thank Him for the stories He gave to us all. No one can write your story, but you. Won't you consider writing? Won't you use your pen to reach the world for Christ?

I'll be teaching "A Writer Speaks!" at two writer's conferences this summer. The Upstate New York Christian Writers' Gathering at Delta Lake Bible Conference Center, Rome, NY, July 7-8. Contact Debbie Tuthill for details and registration: dtuthill@hotmail.com or telephone at 607-829-8531. And on August 10-13 at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference. See www.writehisanswer.com for more info. Hope to see you there!

Writing is a Splash of Serenity to the writer's and the reader's soul!



  1. I am so happy to be a part of the best, most encouraging group in existence!!! So thankful for you and each of the girls in our group! :O)

  2. Diane, you are the one nudging us all on to submit our work, keeping us accountable, and encouraging us on our way. Thank you!

  3. Elaine, I am so thankful you started our group, and so thankful that I "happened" to talk to you the Sunday before our first meeting. I love that along with growing us as writers God is also growing all of us as friends.

    I agree, if there are writers out there without a group, find one, or start one!

  4. Paula, Don't you just love those God appointments. Your wisdom adds so much to the group. I love when you make a suggestion on someone's writing because you are always like so right. Thanks for your friendship. God is so good.

  5. Elaine,
    I am so honored to be part of your writing group. It is a night spent surrounded by wonderful people who have a deep love for their writing. Just being able to share my work with everyone is a blessing within itself.

  6. Amy, I love having you in the group. What a story you have to tell. I pray the group and your writing will be a place of healing for many.

  7. Oh my goodness my worlds are colliding=) I visited your blog becasue of Stonecraft which listed your name....now I see you will be at the conference I hope to attend this summer=)AWESOME! You have a refreshing spirit when you write. I am enjoying your blog...esp the 90yo article=)

  8. Lois, please introduce yourself to me at the conference. Which conference will you be attending--the one at Delta Lake or the one at Philadelphia? Looking forward to meeting you!


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