Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Prayer: More Than Flowery Phrases or Deep Theology

"Would anyone like to pray?" 

We all know the awkward feeling. 

Hoping someone prays before grandpa begins a blessing longer than the mashed potatoes remain hot. 

Looking down and hoping you aren't volunteered by a brother smirking in the next seat. 

Would anyone like to pray? The answer seems to be we don't "like" to pray after all. I'm guilty. Talking to God for the world and the family to hear can be intimidating. What will I say? I remember my first out-loud prayer. Tears of love for Jesus filled my heart and eyes as I prayed, "Thank You, God. Amen." Oh my. Four words were all I could say, and I cried! Tears fell on my food. How embarrassing! No flowery phrases or deep theology on my tongue. Just four words. And tears. Looking back, I am confident God loved my prayer because God saw my heart.

I imagine another table. Jesus sits at the right hand of God. 

God asks, Would anyone like to pray for Elaine?

Jesus jumps up. Me! Me! I will pray for Elaine!

And Jesus does — all day — every day — interceding for me and for you.

Imagine what life would be like if Jesus responded, "Nah. I don't want to pray for Elaine today"? Jesus would never say those words, but do we when we are lackluster in prayer?

Oh Jesus, forgive me for prayerlessness. What a gift you gave when you allowed us access to your ears and your heart through our prayers. What a privilege to pray — all day — every day to the One who prays without ceasing for me.

 Jesus "is at the right hand of God . . . interceding for us"
 (Romans 8:34)

Prayer is a splash of serenity God grants to all. Jump right in and enjoy the living water He gives when He refreshes us through our prayers to Him and His prayers for us.


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