Saturday, December 31, 2022

Glorify — My Word for 2023

Doctors had me dead 
— twice — 
yet, here I am!

God says in Psalm 139:16 (NIV)
". . . all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." 

Whether days are good or difficult,
 God knows. 
He ordained them. 
God has each day of my life set apart for a purpose.  
Each moment is orchestrated by God 
for my good, 
to teach me lessons, 
to use my trial to encourage others, 
and any other way God wants to use me
 to glorify Himself.  

 Doctors had me dead, 
but God granted me life. 
 God had more days planned for me. 
As 2023 dawns, I am thankful for His healing and my life as I ask Him 

How then shall I live? 
What do You want me to do in 2023?  

His response:

Glorify God —
with your physical body. 

My life and my health are a gift from God.
 My body is a temple of The Holy Spirit. 
I need to glorify God by caring for this temple by 
eating healthy foods,
 exercising daily, 
sleeping well. 

   For the glory of God, I will strive to take better care of my body in 2023. 
Not so I look good or fit in clothes I wore long ago, or just plain vain conceit.
I want energy. 
Energy to do what I wrote on the back cover of Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo:
to love deeper,
 live fuller, 
laugh louder, 
sing sweeter, and
 shine brighter. 
God granted me more years and 
I desire to live life to the full or as He said,

Glorify God —
with your spirit.

My greatest desire is to glorify God with 
the words I speak, 
the actions I take, 
the thoughts I think, 
the time I spend.

 Living in worldly pursuits,
 disobeying and displeasing God is 
time God never ordained for me, or 
time I will never get back. 

 In my quest to glorify God and rid myself of all that displeases God, 
may I find no pleasure in sin. 

I will start this 2023 journey towards holiness by seeking God's guidance and power to 
Rejoice always!

 In the movie Pollyanna, the orphan Pollyanna played the Glad Game. 
Whatever happened in her day, Pollyanna turned it around to find some reason to be glad. 
God commands me to rejoice always whether days are good or difficult  
 for this is the will of God concerning me. 

The definition of Pollyanna is "an excessively cheerful or optimistic person."
 The definition of rejoicing is "feel or show great joy or delight."
 I will glorify the Lord with rejoicing always! 
I'll play the glad game and be a Pollyanna!
 Judge never! 

Judgment is not my job and not my call.
 It's not! 
I'm called to love, not judge.
 I'll leave the judging to the only righteous One who judges justly. 

Stop worrying! 

What a waste of time is worry! 
How many hours and days have I worried about situations that never happened? 
God is in control of whatever occupies my mind with worry. 
He doesn't need me fretting about anything.

Be content! 

The life, the family, the job, the home, the finances God provides me is all I need. 
 Being discontent robs me of time wishing for something God didn't plan for me. 

Stop doubting! 

His Presence, 
His Power,
 His Provision.
 His Promise.
 He is with me always. 
God doesn't lie. 
When I was at my lowest in covid ICU,
 God's presence was so powerful and profound.
He held me. 
He comforted me.
 He covered me with His peace and His presence.
 Why would I ever doubt He is with me always, for He surely is.

 Nothing is impossible with God.
 I can't solve the world's or my loved one's problems, 
but God can and He will. 
Nothing is impossible with God. 
He doesn't need me to interfere with His plan and His sovereignty. 

Practice patience! 

Why would I ever think my timeline is better than God's? 
He has every day (and moment) planned before my birth. 
What peace there is in patience. 
Please give me patience, Lord.

Be filled with God's Holy Spirit!

None of the above is possible
 without a daily cleansing of sin and 
filling with the Holy Spirit which is 


  Look at those wonderful attributes God promises us as the Holy Spirit lives in us.

 I'm ready for a powerful journey through 2023 
living in His fullness and 
glorifying God! 
Won't you join me?

My word for 2023 — Glorify!  

Glorify God by all I 
say, do, think, act, and consume as I
 become more Holy and more healthy. 

Happy 2023! 
May you spend it glorifying God in all you do. 

Splashes of Serenity for the glory of God!


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