Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Gift of Cancer

Clinging to the cross. Always.

"I have a praise report! I have cancer!" George announced at our church's Wednesday night prayer meeting many years ago.

"George! How is that a praise report?" I asked.

"Can you imagine the group of people I will meet who I can tell about Jesus. Doctors! Nurses! All kinds of medical staff! Why, I'm having chemo every week with the same seven people in the same room. I'm going to tell all of them 'I know I'm going to Heaven. Do you?' And they won't be able to leave because we're all having chemotherapy."

Then there is the oncologist who said "George, this is serious. You are a sick man."
George answered "Doctor, if you don't know Jesus as your Savior, you are a lot sicker than I am."

Cancer was a gift to George.

Today, I laugh with George as I too have a cancer diagnosis.

Don't panic! I'm fine.

A month ago I was diagnosed with active stage 3 high risk chronic lymphocytic leukemia. That's really the only bad news. The great news is I started chemotherapy (taking three pills a day for the rest of my life) in the comfort of my home or wherever I travel. I will not lose my hair, but I should lose some weight. Leukemia burns up calories. How funny is that. All these years I've been trying diet plans. Who knew? Well, God did.

Cancer is a gift because cancer  makes you a better person. God opens your eyes to the important. The eternal. Priorities change. Each day (each moment) is a gift you treasure.

 I am excited to share this journey God knew about before I was born. He has me in this place for the glory of God. And so, like George, I look forward to a new audience, new stories, perhaps a new book. For, indeed, God ordained this day for me. He knows and He cares. He holds me and He will never let me go.

"All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."
Psalm 139:16

Prayers are working.

Three weeks of chemo and I have not one side effect.
Not ONE!!!

I have energy by day and sleep well at night.

I asked two oncologists if I should cancel my speaking and they both replied "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"

Over the past six days, fourteen women gave their hearts to Jesus at luncheons where I shared my story.
Blood tests reveal the chemo has effectively stopped the progression of the leukemia. Hallelujah!!!

Your prayers are always appreciated.

If you are going through a difficult cancer diagnosis, please know that Jesus loves you, He holds you, and He will never let you go. If you need assurance that you are going to Heaven, please read "Elaine's Testimony" at the top of this webpage. I am always happy to pray with any in need.

Who knew cancer could be a gift that brings a splash of serenity? God did. To God be the glory.



  1. Thanks, Elaine, from Bob and me, prayer partner Lurilee, and my sister Marsha all of whom (except for me--Sue) who have or are experiencing some form of cancer. A GOOD word from George and from you!! Love you!

  2. Cancer has opened my eyes to the eternal and taken them off the things of this world. A lesson God teaches and one I wish I had learned much younger in life. It's all good! Praying for your bob, Lurilee, and Marsha. To God be the glory.


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