Saturday, January 3, 2015

How God Used My Private Journals to Reach the World

What a treat waking up to an email reporting that  my story "Offering Hope in the Happily Ever After" is listed in the top 10 most viewed posts in 2014 of Elaine Stock's blog.

Elaine Stock writes and shares stories of faith's role in life. I was pleased to share my writing, marriage, and life story on her blog. Even more pleased to make her Top 10!

Thanking God for using my private journals to set me on a journey to reach the world. You can read my post and the other top ten posts here:

Thanks to all the readers who put me in the top ten. Thanks to Elaine Stock for her efforts to share stories of faith. May we all  be blessed in 2015 with hope in the happily ever after.

May God shower your New Year with Splashes of Serenity and sweet surprises in your email box!



  1. Elaine,

    I'm so thankful God called you to share your journals with the world. Your faith, hope, love, and obedience is changing lives, saving marriages, and preparing marriages...all at the same time.

    May God continue to bless you my friend.

    Lisa M Buske

  2. I'm glad too, Lisa, because I met you. May God strengthen you and give you courage in these days. Your Christmas blog as powerful, btw. Everyone, read Lisa's blog for great encouragement in the faith. Love you!

  3. I should say "blogs" as you are such a faithful writer.

  4. Thank you Elaine - God motivated me and led me to my first Writers' Conference in 2010 where He connected me to you and so many others. I write for Him and Heidi...always hoping! Thank you for your friendship and prayers!

  5. You have my friendship and my prayers bringing Heidi home. Love you!

  6. Love you too...


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