Sunday, July 28, 2013

Have You Found A Place of Quiet Rest?

Enjoyed a few days rest at our little second home in the Adirondack Mountains. Located in a hamlet with nary a stop light, we're nestled in the woods where I breath in all of God and I don't have to breath out.

Here, a precious neighbor arrives with a bouquet of daisies from her garden when she notices our cabin lights on.

Here, I can walk to the store, skip to the library, carry fresh farm goods home in a basket from the farmer's market, stroll to the lake, run for an ice cream, dawdle in a fine restaurant, sip tea at a café, or browse a boutique. 

Here, I pray, and think, and write.

Here, bears roam and friends gather around a campfire.

Here, churches preach the Gospel, and people listen.

Here, one August Sunday morning in 1982 Dan and I felt God tap our shoulders and whisper to our hearts, I want you in full-time ministry.

The world can be too noisy to hear the voice of God. So many tug at our arms, we can miss God's touch on our lives.

I urge you to find a quiet place where you can hear Him. Breath in and don't breath out. Find that place of quiet rest deep in the heart of God and nestle in.

Splashes of Serenity from Speculator, NY,



  1. Hi, Elaine - your getaway place sounds, well, heavenly! Have a wonderful time. xo thea

  2. My in-laws had a vision and bought and loved this place. Now that they are gone, we share it with Dan's two brothers. You may not have a "place", but I hope you have a "spot" where you can go be quiet and listen for God. He has lots to tell us. Love you too, Thea.

  3. Elaine,

    At the moment, my deck serves as my quiet place yet my hope is to enjoy a couple days at my favorite lakeside writing location.

    Thank you for the reminder to enjoy some quiet time with the One responsible for all we have and the one who gifted us to do what we do for Him.

    Glad you are refreshed my friend,
    Lisa M Buske

  4. Lisa, when I am quiet, God drops ideas in my head. what a blessing for a writer. May the same happen on your deck, dear friend. although I know God speaks in the clamor as well.


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