Monday, December 17, 2012

A Salute to Teachers Who Love Our Children

The death of children and the bravery, care, and love of teachers who fell with them brought back to my mind a special teacher in my life when I watched my brother die.

I was 16 when my baby brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The day he was to die is as fresh as the thoughts of these dear little ones struck down too soon in Connecticut.

My parents thought it best I go to school the day of his fifth, and his last, surgery. Unable to shrink the tumor, the doctors' last hope was one more surgery with the forewarning that, except a miracle from God, my brother Ty would not come away from the operating table still breathing. My parents felt it was worth a try.

At 10:00 a.m Ty entered the operating room. I sat at my school desk, tears flooding my face, unable to control my pain. Mrs. Eastwood didn't know why I cried, she came to me and held me tight, and asked me to stay after class. Her words were tender and loving and her hugs were exactly what I needed on that saddest of days. When class was over, I went to her desk. She asked if I wanted to share why I was crying. I told her my brother was, most likely, dieing on that day. She cried with me and she held me close. I thank God for her. She was an angel sent from God.

I believe God was with the dear babies in those classrooms. I also believe the teachers did all they could to hold those precious ones tight. When they couldn't, I believe God sent His angels to shield them from the awfulness of this sinful world. God promises that He is with us always and that He never leaves us.

I know when I fought my own battle for life, God's love surrounded me. I felt peace that passes understanding when the medical world around me was in chaos. God says we have nothing to fear. I believe Him. I believe in the rampage, angels watched over the dieing babies and teachers.

There is good news at the end of my story. My brother lived! In November we celebrated his 48th birthday together.

Teachers and doctors can get a lot of negative garbage thrown at them. Not from me! I salute you! I thank God for you and the impact you have on the lives of little ones.

Thank You God that teachers and doctors and angels are used by you to comfort and give splashes of serenity when life is in turmoil. May Your Holy Spirit give comfort and hold tight those who mourn the death of their babies and their mommies and their brothers and sisters this day.

Do you have a teacher who impacted your life? I'd love to hear about him or her.



  1. Elaine, My heart is so heavy for the families who lost their children (and adult loved ones) in CN. Only God can give them the peace they need at this time.
    Concerning influential teachers, I had three. My third grade teacher set the course in my life to be a teacher myself. Miss Zimmerman was a wonderful, kind person. Two other teachers, one in 7th grade and one (a Kiddie Lit prof in college) encouraged me with my writing. These three ladies helped mold me into the teacher/writer I am today. Marsha

  2. thanks for the tears and the Good News, esp about your brother! xo


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