Monday, May 30, 2016

In Remembrance of Those Who Died, Let's Make Our Lives Count

Viet Nam, July 31, 1969,--A day my husband doesn't talk about. His med-evac helicopter was shot down in the middle of a battle in the dark of the night. Ignoring life-threatening injuries of his own, my husband carried three men up a steep ravine to safety. While mortar and small-arms fire continued their attempt to bring Dan and others down, he returned to the the fire-swept ravine to treat the injured.

Dan saved men's lives; but for others he was too late. They died in his arms. Dan held those men to his heart and wondered, Why am I alive and they are dead? He didn't have an answer.

But he did make an oath to the men who died that night: I don't know why I'm still living, but I promise you I'll make my life count in your honor.

Dan never forgot that vow. He lives it every day.

The Silver Star was awarded for his heroism. He shakes his head and says, "I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time." No, Dan. You were right where God wanted you.

God has a plan for our days. Let us make each one count. Never forget some die so we can live.

There was another who bled and and gave His life for us—Jesus Christ. May we live each day aware of that fact and vow that our lives will count for God's Glory and Honor.

Thank you, Jesus; thank you, Dan; thank you all who serve and all who die so we might live. You splash us with serenity with every breath we take!

Let us not forget those who gave their lives this Memorial Day!


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  1. Elaine,

    Tears...thank goodness Dan was there.

    Thank goodness Jesus was able to do for ALL what Dan did for some. Each life counts.

    Forever thankful to the men and women who serve, and have served.

    May Dan see the harvest of the lives he saved. God doesn't make mistakes or waste time.

    Lisa M Buske
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