Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Funny Things (and God-Appointments)That Happen at a Writer's Conference

God brings friends together in hilarious ways.

"You, with the beautiful hair, do you know the answer?"

Surely, she doesn't mean me. Attending the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference, I had slipped into Patricia Durgin's marketing class a little late.

"You, you, the one with the beautiful hair, do you know the answer?" she pointed right at me.

"You mean me?"

"Yes, you. You, with the beautiful hair."

Blushing and feeling quite lovely, I answered her question.

Later, I saw Patricia Durgin in the hallway. Fluffing my beautiful hair, I went straight to her to thank her for her compliment. Before opening my mouth, my eyes spotted the badge proclaiming loudly from her jacket, "VISUALLY IMPAIRED."

Laughter arose from my gut and within minutes the lady with the beautiful hair and the seeing-impaired teacher bonded.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Patricia Durgin, my friend with the beautiful eyes. She is beginning a new season of coaching women to discover what God created you to be and do. Titled "His Purple Thread--Detecting God's Pattern in Your Life," Patricia's ministry coaches each of us to discover the purple thread God weaves through our individual lives so we can know and fulfill God's plan.

This afternoon, 12/8/2011, at 1:00 won't you join us in a teleconference call and discover if His Purple Thread is just what you've been seeking as you desire to know what God created you to do and how to do it with excellence.

For more information:

Patricia Durgin's website is

An overview of His Purple Thread can be seen at

Connect to the teleconference at

I'll be on the call and hope to talk to you!

His Purple Thread may be just what you need to bring splashes of serenity to your life!




  1. Elaine,

    My cheeks hurt from laughing. This makes me smile as much in December as it did in August when you shared it with me the first time. I lvoe the people we have met through the writer's conferences, especially since we that is truly where our friendship began.

    Sorry I missed the telecast - I will be going to visit her site thought. Thanks for sharing the link. :)


  2. Elaine,
    You have a beautiful everything, and my vision is just fine. Thank you for the smile.

    Much love,
    Lisa Hill


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