Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Secret of Serenity--A Glimpse Into my Journal

For one who proclaims "Splashes of Serenity," I confess my life is not always serene. I don't like that, and so for the past two weeks I've been in the mountains seeking God. Hallelujah! I found Him!

The first and last days of my vacation journal tell the secret of serenity God revealed to me.

Day 1: I wrote, "I want all of God--all of Him. I don't want to die not becoming all He has for me--to know Him--to impact the world for Christ. What must I do to be all, to know all, to live all for Christ?

Why fill my mind with the mindless? He has given me a mind He wants to fill with Himself.

Clutter--I must rid myself of clutter--those Christ-less things that shoo God out of my heart and mind."

I sat in church the last Sunday away and sang, "Crown Him Lord of All." Tears dropped on my cheeks as I realized the answer to my seeking prayers. I wrote in my journal:

Day 17: "Crown Him Lord of ALL! What does that mean? Lord of my television. Lord of my time. Lord of my mind. Lord of my day. Lord of my money. Lord of my marriage. Lord of my pen. Lord of my tongue. Lord of my body. Lord of my thoughts. Lord of my heart. Lord of interruptions. Lord of my disappointments and Lord of my sorrows. Lord of ALL!

And then serenity won't be a splash, but a beautiful, sweet, and pure ever-flowing stream."

That's my secret to serenity. Crown Him Lord of ALL!

A funny thing happened while writing this post. A water pipe under my sink burst flooding my bathroom, the hall, and seeping an inch of water into my basement. I looked at that pipe gushing water and had no idea how to stop it. Fortunately, Dan was home for lunch. He turned off the water and is presently wet vacuuming our house.

Sometimes serenity comes quietly and sometimes it bursts the pipes. As I cleaned the mess under my sink, I realized how clean my cupboard was after being hosed down by a water pipe. It needed cleaning--just like I did two weeks ago. When God bursts our pipes, remember He's cleaning us out so He can fill us with Himself.

As for me, I want all of Him and pray I give all to Him. Bring on the water, Lord! Fill me! Clean Me! Wipe me up! Use me!

May your Splashes of Serenity be a never-ending flow of His grace!


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  1. Elaine,

    Thank you for sharing your journal with us. Your honest and open heart is a refreshing joy in today's society. I'm glad you are "clean" and Dan was home.

    Glad you are refreshed and sparkling renewed this week.

    Lisa ;)


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