Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be Careful What You Let In Your Pants--You Could Really Get Stung!

A funny thing happened on my way to dine finely. Lunching on the terrace over looking the lake, enjoying the good company of friends, and fine food, I was aghast when a bug flew down my blouse. Being Elaine, I made matters worse by jumping up and down and flailing my arms. Proud of myself that I did not scream; although, I did notice annoying looks from well- dressed people whose lunch had been disrupted. The bug seemed to disappear and I sat down with apologies to all.

Standing to depart, I realized that the bug had somehow squirmed its way out of my blouse and was now inside my pants. A bug in one's blouse is one issue, a pest in one's pants takes this to a whole new level. I still did not scream--I think I was too terrified of what was crawling around my undergarments. Calmly, hoping no one would notice, I put my hand down my pants and retrieved Mr. Japanese beetle himself. Don't ask me why I didn't go to the ladies room to do this. I didn't think of it. I reacted. I wanted the bug out of my britches.

Now that the insect is far away, I laugh at the day's event. Being a writer, I know God lets these things happen to me so I can write about them and make a spiritual application. On my bike ride it came to me.

Please listen young people, it is a fast track from point A to point B. A hand down a blouse becomes a hand down one's pants before you have time to react. How quickly your life can change and you find yourself in a position you never expected to be in when your day began. Be aware. Don't go there. Be prepared to flail your arms and scream, "no" before you do something you'll regret for the rest of your life.

I know this. When you stand at the altar to marry the love of your life, you'll wish there were no hands who had ever touched you but your husband's. The same goes for the guys. How special your bride will feel knowing she will be the first and the only. It's a decision you will not regret.

Pre-marital sex can seem like a splash of serenity. But it's only a splash. Within seconds the splash is gone and so is the serenity. Be careful what you let in your pants. You could really get stung.

Love you teens. Praying for you,



  1. Very good post, Elaine. I'm sharing this with some young friends.

  2. YOU are totally amazing, Elaine! What a leap from a bug down your blouse to a warning about premarital sex! Well done. New book coming out for teens?

  3. Anonymous, I've been thinking about a book for teens for a long time. Perhaps that is God's plan. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Terri, thanks for sharing. May God use it.

  4. Great post Elaine! I love you and your willingness to be frank and inspiring.

  5. Excellent Elaine! Too few warnings are out there!

  6. Elaine,

    Great blog and message for our teens, especially since my daughter joined the world of "teenager" today. Don't you love the way God uses our daily lives to inspire a written message to help others? I know I do. I pray we all live with our eyes open to see and hear the subtle messages God is giving us that might change another's life. Thanks for the encouragement! :) Lisa

  7. Elaine, Great insight!
    And a bit too familiar to me. Once when I was 9 months pregnant and at a baby shower for another preggie, a ferret ran up my pants leg. I was nestled in a couch and struggled to get up while shrieking at the top of my lungs. What do you think - is there a lesson in this story too?? LOL

  8. Excellent post, Elaine.
    Now, let's see how sharp you are with an application for this illustration: Years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with something sitting on my head. It was a mouse. I shooed him away, and he scurried off somewhere in the bedroom. I promptly woke up hubby who, in his Knight in Shining Armour protective mode, said, "Go back to sleep. You were dreaming!" But, alas, I was not. I made him get out of bed and search the corners of the room. Our collie dog sniffed out the little critter, and hubby sent Mickey on to Mouse Heaven.
    Dreaming, indeed!

  9. Oh Elaine... this made me laugh because I could *see* it in my mind's eye...

    But there is so much more than humor in this. As a former teen, I implore young people reading this to take note. Life can indeed change... One unguarded moment can create a lifetime of regrets.

    What has been done can never be undone. Keep that experience sacred and special, and you will have an unmatched wedding gift to give to your spouse one day... And to yourself.

    Much love.

  10. Marsha, I laughed at your challenge. Let's see. Beware of what comes into your marriage bed such as "to do" lists, past loves, fantasies, anger, your in-laws, etc. But if a mouse runs across your forehead, please take note and tell your hubby! Gotcha! Thanks for the comment.


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