Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Just Boggles My Mind

LENT. Jesus gave His life for me. How could giving up desserts for Him compare? I know my weakness. I'd stuff my tummy full on Ash Wednesday and yearn for Easter Monday when I could do it all over again. Giving up something in hopes that it will please God or help me understand the sacrifice Jesus made for me didn't work at my house. Jesus wants all of me--not just my appetite.

PALM SUNDAY. Branches wave! People praise! Hosanna to the Highest! Where am I in that crowd? Oh, I'd be leading the pack, certainly I would. How I love my Jesus.

THE LAST SUPPER. Solemn. Precious last moments with Jesus. I'd be right there resting my head on Jesus' heart, taking in every last word from His lips. Surely, Lord, I would never leave you.

THE GARDEN. So weak. I'm sure I'd be the first to sleep, and to disappoint, and to let Jesus sweat and pray.

THE CRUCIFIXION. Absolutely, I would not have followed the crowd. I am not ashamed of the Gospel. I'd defend Him. Proclaim Him as my Savior and my God! I would not have yelled, "Crucify Him!" I'm sure, aren't I?

THE RESURRECTION. He's not dead? He's alive! I'm beginning to understand. My mind is a turmoil of emotions and love and commitment and THANKSGIVING to God for His great Salvation Plan.

THE APPEARANCE. Elaine, do you love Me? Elaine, do you truly love Me? Elaine, do you love me more than you love your husband, or your children, or your comforts, or your home, or your wealth, or your position, or your life?

I love You, Lord. I truly love You. Forgive me for all the times I say "I love You" with my lips and disprove it with my thoughts and actions.

I give my whole heart to You knowing that serenity comes from a life crucified with Christ.

Oh Blessed Resurrection Day!



  1. Powerful, humbling and a gentle reminder - to strive to love Jesus as much as He loves me. You brought tears to my eyes and a renewed hope to my heart. Thank you for sharing. ;) Lisa

  2. Beautiful. And I can totally see you leading the crowd on Palm Sunday :)


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