Monday, March 14, 2011

My Mom's Health and Beauty Secrets

We called her Mary "Webster" because she loved reading the dictionary. Every day she discovered a new word and used it appropriately whether scolding or loving us. The truth is, we often didn't know what she was talking about. My five siblings and I rolled our eyes at mom's antics.

Mom cared for her mind, and her body. Up early, she and Jack LaLanne had a daily appointment. LaLanne must have produced the first exercise program on TV and mom rarely missed bending and stretching with Jack. As a preschooler, I remember doing jumping jacks along with her on our living room floor.

Mom cared about her appearance. She was a natural beauty, and worked at keeping herself lovely. I remember her making oatmeal facials at home before you could buy them in a store.

She ate healthy. Fruits and vegetables abounded. Dessert was rare. Cereal sweetened with honey and raisins tasted great, until mom sprinkled wheat germ on top. I didn't like the wheat germ. She said it was good for me.

Mother knew laughter was the best medicine and filled our home with it. A great practical joker, she invested in delicacies like chocolate-covered ants. I can still feel those little buggers in my teeth. I shudder and I smile. She created a great memory when she splurged on that chocolate ordered from some strange catalogue in the 1950's. (I write about it in Splashes of Serenity: Bathtime Reflections for Drained Moms, "Sweet Surprises" p. 14.)

This year she will celebrate her 90th birthday. Today, she reads 3 to 5 books a week, beats me at Bananagrams, has beautiful skin, and a sweet smile on her face. I look at her life and her longevity and realize Mary "Webster" was a wise woman after all. Love you, Mom!

Special times with my mother bring a splash of serenity to my life. I am blessed to still have her here. I'd love to hear about times or memories of your mother.

Be blessed this day with health and beauty!



  1. What a wonder and delight! I wish I knew her, but sense I am getting a part of her in you. I have no idea what Banagrams is but it must be a hoot of fun! :O)

  2. Diane, maybe we should play it at our next writer's group. It can be my 15 minutes. Afterall, it's a word game. Sort of like crazy scrabble.

  3. My mother too was a beautiful woman who took care of herself. She was still lovely when she died at the age of 80. Unfortunately, she didn't inherit genes for longevity. My father,knowing her habits of healthy diet and walking everywhere, felt somewhat bitter and commented, "She always believed in moderation and look where it got her." I replied, "She lived 10 years longer than any of her siblings or her parents. That's where it got her!" She has been gone 12 years and I still find myself thinking, "I should talk to Mom about this."

  4. Brought tears to my eyes recalling special times with Grandmother and Grandad, and longing for simpler times myself. I never knew about her and Jack Lalane. Cute. Can't wait to celebrate her birthday with her.

  5. Elaine,

    I started a memoir writing class last week but it is your post today that reflects a memoir style similar to Dylan Thomas. You captured your mother by orienting your verbs with the concrete noun found in your Mom. Powerful and uplifting post.


  6. I am a dear friend of the Groh's and came upon your writings through them.
    I will turn 50 this year and as a preschooler I also did jumping jacks with my mom, Jack LaLane, occasionally his wife and dogs ;). Mom put wheat germ in and on everything and lined us up with spoonfuls od cod liver oil! She loves to play scrabble and usually wins. She came to Christ while she was pregnant with me. thank you Jesus for Moms who love you first, and for their wisdom in living a wonderful life.

    I am always amazed when two people have multiple things in common.

  7. Nancy, that is so cool. I love making new friends. My mom accepted Christ into her life at age 75. It was my joy to pray with her in a cemetary while we went for a walk. God works in miraculous ways. Thanks for being my kindred spirit and friend.


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