Friday, January 28, 2011

A Splash of Serenity in Bosnia

In ten days Dan and I fly to Bosnia. We carry with us a suitcase filled with yarn and a heart filled with love. We'll return with a suitcase filled with lace and a heart filled with hope for the people of this war-torn country.

The Bosnian Lace Project is one of the ways the Christian and Missionary Alliance is helping in practical ways. I wish you could see some of the toothless grins of these dear women who trust the Lord and our sales will bring them dinner tonight. Won't you help bring a splash of serenity to their valuable lives? Please read the following article by clicking "share" and ask yourself what you can do.



  1. So sad, but a great idea for them. Have a safe trip! :O)

  2. As with your books, I always give gifts of Bosnian lace and even treated myself to a beautiful purse last fall at Refocus. It's a wonderful gift to give and not "wasted money". Good reminder friend! Praying your trip there is smooth, safe, and a blessing to them and you. See you at District Conference in March.

  3. Thanks, Diane.

    Daisy, isn't it wonderful serving our Savior! Such satisfying work with a great Boss.

    See you in March, Diane and Daisy.

  4. This will be a beautiful journey for both of you and all that you meet. I wish you the best. So happy to have met you through Diane! Have a very safe and fulfilling trip. -- Kelly


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