Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This December I Changed My "To Do" List to a "To Be" List

Life gets so busy in December, I find myself panting to keep up, stressing to find the perfect gift, pressuring myself to get the baking done, the house cleaned and decorated, the tree up. To be honest, I'm so busy in December, I find it is the month I spend the least time with the Lord and the most time in the world. I suspect Jesus looks at me, shakes His Head, and wonders why He wasn't invited to His own birthday party. Shame on me.

This December instead of do, do, do, I resolve to be, be, be.

To be focused on Christ.

To be diligent in my advent devotions and prayer time.

To be sensitive to those who hurt at Christmas.

To be intentional in sharing my faith.

To be alert to worldly Christmas celebrations that lure me away from Christ.

To be disciplined in my December spending.

To be generous to those in need.

To be careful to sleep well, eat healthy, and exercise regularly so I have the energy to enjoy (not just survive) this Holy month.

To be joyful so that the world will see Jesus is the reason for the season.

To be at peace knowing Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, lives in me. Jesus is all that matters and He is enough.

To be in awe of the greatest Christmas Gift ever given--and God gave Him to me!

To be blessed by the simple things of this Holy Season.

To be like a child and see the Baby Jesus with childlike wonder.

To be more in love with Christ than with anyone or anything.

Won't you join me? Take a deep breath and Be. Be His. Be Christmas.

I'd love to hear what you resolve "to be" this Advent Season. Please share.

May we all know the blessings of serenity as we celebrate Christ's birth.

BElessed December!



  1. Elaine, I resolve to be-lieve. I was challenged to write a 6-word story, and here's what popped out this morning: "God knew she believed; things happened." I'm not talking Santa here, but rather Hebrews 11:16! This Christmas I'm looking for the deep longings of my heart that only God can satisfy. Thank you for reminding me with this beautiful post.

  2. Oh Ferree, I love the "be-lieve." Thanks for posting.

  3. You can feel the peace through your 'be' list.......

    it is a splash of serenity!

  4. Brenda, you made my day with that comment. Thank you. I am enjoying my list and the new joy of December as I abide by it.

  5. A beautiful list and you already were intentional with me and the big wonderful hug you gave me. Thanks and love! :O)

  6. How about Be sincere
    Be encouraging
    Be fruitful
    See you in a twinkling,
    Brenda Hendricks

  7. Elaine, you've inspired me to do an acronymn to add to your "Be" list. Hope you enjoy it. Read it here:

  8. I'd like to be thankful by being generous.

    I like your list!


  9. Christmas season allows us to "Be" many things. It is great to come away and reflect on these positive attributes.


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