Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas to you. At this sweet season, I love to remember that the Baby Jesus came to earth over 2,000 years ago and He is still with us. Emmanuel--God with us. Whatever life brings, God is with us. What a comforting thought. I thank God for His presence in my life and the lives of my family--His presence that will never go or pass away.

In 2010 Dan and I celebrated 40 years of marriage. Through good and not-so-good days, Jesus has been with us. We thank Him for a deep and ever-growing love in our hearts.

It is a joy for us to be partners in marriage as well as in ministry. In August Dan began a second term as District Superintendent of the Northeastern District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We're on the road together most weekends visiting and, hopefully, encouraging the 80 churches in this District. What joy knowing God is in every church and filling every heart who believes in Him.

My writing and speaking continues to bring a Splash of Serenity to a world that needs to know that God is with us. I continue hearing, almost daily, from readers whose lives have been touched and changed by something God gave me to say or to write. Wanting to encourage others to write, I taught seminars at two writers conferences this past year. What fun to see the enthusiasm and the passion of younger writers eager to tell their stories to a world that doesn't know that God is with them.

God was with us when He took Dan's dad to Heaven February 5, 2010. What a glorious morning taking him for a ride around town, to church, out to his fav restaurant, and then home to sit in his chair, where he closed his eyes and entered his final rest. We are so thankful God allowed us to be with dad on his final day on earth.

God is with Joanna and Bob as they balance careers (Bob as News Director for the Family Life Network and Joanna as a reading specialist) and parent two amazing children--Gracie and Ryan--a future swim star and a tractor driver, respectively.

God is with Elizabeth and Joe as He blessed them with baby number 5. Charlotte Grace joins Connor, Garrett, Ava, and Brenna as the cutest and liveliest kids on the planet. Joe continues with Fish Window cleaning, building goat barns, and remodeling their house. Elizabeth's time away happens at Arnot Ogden Hospital where she is a labor and delivery nurse.

I am so thankful God is with Sam and Katie. Sam spent much of last year in Iraq. They are now nicely settled in Newport News, VA where Sam serves as a JAG lawyer. Katie and I prayed through Sam's and Dan's dream fly-fishing trip to Montana last summer. Blessed to know God gave them a grand time.

All of our 7 grandchildren and 3 married children and their spouses will gather around our Christmas tree this year. God will be there too. Emmanuel--God with us. And He shall reign forever and ever. Hallelujah! May you know the serenity that comes from the truth in your heart that Jesus is--Emmanuel--God with us.

Serenity Christmas!



  1. Elaine, praying that you and Dan have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

  2. Beautiful and wonderful. So thankful for strong mentors and examples that you are. Praying every Christmas miracle and blessing for you and your family. :O)

  3. Terri and Diane, I say the same back to you. What a blessing you are to my life. I didn't know why God had us move to Rome, but I think meeting Diane and getting to know Terri, had much to do with His direction. Merry Christmas blessings!

  4. Elaine, isn't the greatest gift in life beyond our own salvation is to know our family is safe in the arms of Jesus?
    Marsha @ www.marshahubler.wordpress.com (writers' blog)
    P.S. How often do you post?

  5. Oh yes, Marsha. What peace and joy knowing our children walk with the Lord.

    I post at least every two weeks. My goal is to post weekly, but I am taking baby steps to it.

    Happy New Year, friend.


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