Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogging Won't Kill Me, Will It?

Splash! I thought I was diving into the blogging pool last November when I posted my first blog. Turns out I didn't jump at all. I stuck my little toe in, found it uncomfortable, withdrew, and reluctantly returned as little as possible to this stream called the blog.

Voila! Appears my blogging coach--Diane Estrella. Sent from God--we met on facebook--via a blog post--that's got to be God. Right? She is fun and precious and filled with knowledge and a huge amount of patience! She cheered me on with, "You can do it, Elaine. Show your humor. Let the walls down and let people into your real life. Hey, why don't you ask God what He wants you to write." So, this morning I did ask God and now here I sit writing for Him.

I love water. Growing up, I swam in the Beaver, PA swimming pool every day the sun popped up. Too frightened to go off the high diving board I repeated "This won't kill me. I'm not going to die" as my foot touched each of the 12 steps to the top. Walking to the end of the board, looking down at the water, I soon retreated back down the ladder. One day I did it. I jumped. Wow! My battle with the diving board was over and I won. It was exhilarating!

I'm hoping for the same kind of satisfaction as I go ankle deep and then thigh high into the blogging ocean. I suspect it won't be long before the water covers my heart and head and you have all of me. Thanks for your encouragement, Diane Estrella. I know this won't kill me and I hope to give and to receive refreshment and splashes of serenity along my way.

What about you? Is fear keeping you from doing what God wants you to do? He says, "Do not be afraid. I am with you." I hope His Words, "Fear not!" give you freedom to jump into the waters called life, to know and do His will, and to enjoy it to the max.

What does He want you to do today? Why not ask Him?

Splashes of Serenity prayed for your day,


  1. Excellent post and thanks for linking to me.

    Reminds me of a "dumpster diving" post I did.... you never know what treasures you'll find if you just jump in! :O)

  2. Dive in all the way, Elaine, the water's fine!
    I'm going to re-read your post tomorrow morning when I face a new day. I'll look forward to more of your posts, too.


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