Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Glad God Does Windows

Oh my, aren't there a thousand things I'd rather do than clean? I know there are, because I find every diversion and use it as my excuse not to do the dirty work. The rub is I like living in a scrubbed house and I can neither afford nor justify a housekeeper.

My house has been through three years of renovations. Oh glory, for three years I didn't really clean because, well, what's the use? Contractor Dave will arrive on Monday and make everything dirty again. Guess what? Dave is done and so are my excuses. So, I am taking one cupboard at a time and cleaning three years of dust. Soon, my friends won't be afraid to visit me and my children's alergies won't act up at the very entrance into my home.

Today I tackled my hutch. Such a pretty piece of furniture with glass doors showcasing my mother's china. I treasure both the hutch and the china. Window cleaner in hand, I sprayed and rubbed. Smears. I rubbed some more, moved to newspaper and vinegar and kept rubbing. Now I know why I don't like to clean. I'm not good at it.

My favorite line in Julie and Julia was Meryl Streep saying, "I looooove to eat. I'm good at it!" Well, me too, Julia! I love to eat and I'm good at it. As well, I don't like to clean because "I'm not good at it." No matter how much I rub the glass, there is a smear.

Then it occurred to me. I smiled and thought, God could get this glass clean. Afterall, he looked into the windows of my heart, saw all the dirt, heard my prayer of repentence, and wiped me spotless. I am thankful God is in the cleaning business. My house may be dirty, but thanks to Jesus dieing on the cross for me, I've got a squeaky clean heart. Thanks for doing my windows, Lord.

Have a splashes of serenity kind of a day!

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