Friday, December 16, 2022

Christmas 2022 Love Letter


Blessed Christmas 2022

   "For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."

A Savior is born!

 He is our only salvation and the

 Only Source of True Joy. 

In a world ugly with sin, 

God sent a Gift of Love,

 His Son The Lord Jesus Christ. 

 We rejoice this Christmas to know His Joy and His Love.

Dan and I marvel at the miracle of God's care and healing. Covid damaged 40 percent of my lungs, and doctors gave no hope of my lungs being restored. Once again, God surprised us when a lung function test indicated a great improvement from a year ago. Hallelujah! My lungs overflow with praise for God who continues to deliver healing to my body. Whether 40 percent or 100 percent, my lungs runneth over! 

Thank you to my army of prayer warriors who prayed me through cancer and severe covid. God answered in miraculous ways and I am forever thankful to Him and to you. Many of you said God was not finished with me. Looks like you are correct, and I am thrilled to be back speaking at retreats and women's events. I love sharing my story with women.  

Dan fills the pulpit in various churches many Sundays. Hearing my favorite Pastor preach is always a blessing. We are both thankful for opportunities to share God's Love and Joy and Jesus. 


Our oldest, Joanna, teaches reading (the best job ever, she says). Her husband Bob continues as a newsman with Family Life Network (and a baseball coach). Gracie graduated and is guarding lives at the Y. Ryan's love is baseball. He grabs any opportunity to swing a bat or pitch a ball.

Elizabeth and Joe didn't have enough children to keep them busy, so Elizabeth began a two-year course for a Masters in Nursing, specializing in midwifery. Joe's JOE Pro Services keeps him as the face you welcome when your house breaks. Connor is a welder. Garrett is in the Army and deployed to S. Korea. Ava attends Corning Community College.  Brenna, Charlotte, Isaac, Lucas, Gunnar, and Sailor are so smart and so sweet. Joyful love is the name of their game.

Sam and Katie serve in the Air Force in S. Dakota. We've enjoyed a couple of trips there and found Rapid City to be breathtaking. Sam has a fly-fishing stream a 5-minute walk from his house. His idea of Heaven! Katie is active encouraging military wives. Lily, Jack, and Holly are too cute to describe! 

This Christmas may your hearts be filled with the Joy of His Love. There is no greater Love and there is no greater Joy. We are forever thankful for Jesus, His Love, His Joy, and His Blessings.

A joyful Merry Christmas with all our love,

Elaine and Dan (and our two sweet kitties, Sunshine and Dandy-Lion)


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