Friday, October 1, 2021

My Silly Birthday Poem — Whoopee! I'm 73!

I never knew that age 72
would hit me hard with covid flu.
Yikes! I ended up in ICU!

But God laughed and said with glee!
I've got more days for Elainey!
He knew all along, I'd celebrate No. 73!

Thanks to all who bent their knee
Spending hours in prayer for me. 
Prayer isn't like barking up a tree.
No. Prayer sets the covid captive free!

Imprisoned in hospital, I wanted to flee.
In isolation someone threw away the key!

But God had some work there for me.
I prayed for each nurse bringing my tea.
There were those with needles I didn't want to see.
And the sweet servant ladies who took me to pee.
All received prayer to God for thee.
We cried and we laughed as three.
God, health workers, and me.

As I approach year 73,
I remember all my husband, family, friends have done for me.
I was blessed to feel their love without any fee.
Just love from them to little old me. 

And so I say Toodle-oo
to the year I celebrated age 72.

Golly gee!
Bring it on age 73!
God chose life and still has plans for me
until that day when He calls me to flee
my earthly body and come Heavenly.
What a grand day that will be
When I'll sit with God and we'll pray for thee.

With thanks to God for this wonderful life here and in eternity!
Happy Birthday to me!

"All the days ordained for me 
were written in your book 
before one of them came to be" 
Psalm 139:16

Thank you, dear friends for your love, encouragement, and support during a year I never expected. A year of suffering and pain and amazing blessings and service and love. I wouldn't miss this adventure for all the health in the world. God has a plan and God's plans for our days are always good. I love you all! You are may splash of serenity today!


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