Wednesday, March 10, 2021

My Covid Journey — In the Arms of Angels

"Your hands are so cold.
Let me warm them."
She cupped her gloved hands 
around my oxygen-deprived ones 
and warmed me. 

My nurse.
Jesus in flesh during a pandemic.

Was she warned not to touch covid patients?
If so, she missed that class.
I was touched,
 cared for,
prayed for,

She entered my room armed to serve.
Day after day, 
week after week, 
always a smile,
a cheery word,
a reassuring touch,
a tender hug.

She leaves with a smile.
Off to spread her angel's wings 
and blessings to the covid patients in
 the next room,  
the next room, 
the next room.

She didn't have to warm my hands.
Blood pressure. Check.
Oxygen level. Check.
Heart rate. Check.
Do you need anything? Check.
Walk out the door. Check.

Warm my hands wasn't the nurse's duty.
She didn't need a list to know
Being an angel,
representing Christ,
loving as Jesus loved,
serving others more than serving yourself
was her job this cold morning.

Employed by a hospital, but
working for Jesus.

Thank you, dear medical staff. 
You are heroes with angel's wings.
God bless you and protect you.

"See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to
guard you along the way . . . . "
Exodus 23:20

Does God want you to be someone's angel today?

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