Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Elaine W. Miller's Book on Cancer Releasing in Fall 2018

Dearest friends and cancer warriors,

Cancer surprised me! I was thrown into the cancer community—not by my choice, but by God's plan. Little did I expect to receive some of the greatest lessons of my spiritual life as well as meet cancer heroes whose faith would increase mine.

God placed a desire in my heart to write a book encouraging cancer patients and those who love them to consider:

Cancer is not an obstacle in life, 
but an opportunity
 to love deeper, 
live fuller, 
laugh louder, 
sing sweeter, 
and shine brighter.

I am pleased to announce my new book (cover and title to be revealed in October), releasing in time for Christmas. 

Signing a publishing contract with Living Parables of Central Florida Books.

The book is in the capable hands of the publisher. Thank you to all who prayed me through the book-writing process. You are my heroes, lifting my arms when I had no strength to stand.

Tomorrow Dan and I leave for various locations to rest, love each other and our extended family, and celebrate our 48th anniversary—another anniversary we thought we would never see. How we thank God for His goodness to us and His sweet spirit of peace dwelling within us.

I'm doing great! My blood counts are normal and my heart beats for Jesus! Enjoy every moment, dear ones!

Life is worth living.
People are worth loving.
Smiles are worth smiling.
Laughter is gold.

May splashes of serenity fill your days,

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