Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas Special! No Postage! I'll Pay the Tax!

Dear friends,

The prayer of my heart this Christmas is that God will restore broken marriages and fractured families. We are in a fight against satan whose desire is to destroy us and those we love.

Thirty-seven years ago I was ready to give up and walk out. I shudder thinking what my life would have been like had I obeyed satan and left the husband I have loved for over 40 years.
My decision to turn to God and honor my wedding vows is written with three different perspectives in my three books.

My Merry Christmas gift to you is to offer each book for $12 total. I'll pay the tax and the postage. Please message me on facebook or email me at with your order.

With thanks to God for restoring my marriage and prayers that God will work in the hearts and families of all reading the books He gave me to write to you.

May your marriage and family have their best Christmas ever!


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