Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Say "I Love You" Every Time You Say Good Bye.

In my travels as a speaker, I am blessed to stay in the homes of lovely people. Many are precious   widows. I love hearing their stories, for they have much to teach me.

Some watched their beloved suffer over years. Other deaths were sudden. The blink of an eye and their sweetie was gone. Whether a long death or quick, they all were final, and they all remember one thing:

The last words their beloved spoke to them

Sitting around the kitchen table, talking over chamomile and honey, my widowed hostess and I     were eager for more conversation, but our eyes were drooping. We decided to do the wise thing and get a good sleep.

"Do you mind if I say good night to my hubby before I turn in?" my widowed hostess asked.

She hit the "1" on the answering machine. The male voice echoed "Hi honey! I'm going to bed  now. I hope you have a good sleep. Good night. I love you."

"Those were his last words to me. I listen to him say 'I love you" every night before I go to sleep"

 He died years ago, and his loving voice still brings her joy as she heads to her empty bed.

Tears flowed as I witnessed an intimate moment in the life of a widow and her dear man. I'll never forget the lesson they taught me that night. I never leave Dan without telling him I love him.

What will be your last words to your beloved? Make sure you

 say "I love you" every time you say good bye.

“. . .  let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely” 
Song of Solomon 2:10 

Sweet words are splashes of serenity on your life and marriage every day! Say them often. Every day. As often as you have opportunity.



  1. Beautiful glimpse at a widow's life and beautifully written. Thank you Elaine! I know many widows and married couples will be blessed and marriages will be strengthened with that wise advise-- Always say I Love You before you say goodbye.

  2. And many widows are helped by your book "Postcards From a Widows Path" and your blog www.WidowsChristianPlace. Love you, Ferree.


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