Thursday, April 28, 2016

Listen to Dan and Elaine Miller Share Their Ministry to Bosnian Marriages on Family Life Network.

How did a couple from Campbell, NY end up teaching marriage seminars in Bosnia Herzegovina?

Dan and I served as Pastoral Care Couple to our International Workers (IWs) in Bosnia Herzegovina for about ten years. When my book We All Married Idiots was published, I gifted a copy to the IWs serving there.

 Light bulbs went on!

IW's asked  "Could we publish this in the Bosnian language?  What a great way to help Bosnian marriages!"

  I contacted my publisher, Eddie Jones with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. He was quick to give his permission and so was I. Thanks Eddie for your excitement at seeing this book reach an international audience. I might add neither my publisher nor I are reaping any royalties from the distribution of my book. Most copies are being given away.

What a treat to see the final copy and amazing cover.

We All Married Idiots  was distributed to couples in churches and God started working in marriages.

"Why not  ask Dan and Elaine to come here and teach marriage seminars to Christians in our churches as well as the general community in secular settings?"

 And so we went and God blessed.

You can listen to Bob Price's interview of us on his Home Town Hero segment of the Family Life Noon Report by clicking below.

 Do you love your neighbor enough  to gift them with 
We All Married Idiots? 
God is using this book around the world. 
My prayer is He will use it in your neighborhood too.

Please pray Bosnian marriages would know splashes of serenity in their married lives today. Thank you!


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