Thursday, July 9, 2015

Too Old to Write?

My hubby retired last year. Oh, how I love having him home. Twenty-four/seven I  have my handsome man at my side kissing me. What's not to like?

Except, there is a  restlessness in my soul and a passion in my heart not to retire, but to write. Can I have the kisses and the contracts too? Dan thinks so!

At the Advanced Writers and Speakers Conference #2015AWSA, we were blessed by the words of Mama T. Thelma Wells is 70+ years old, has just begun a new book, and is
speaking on the 2015 Women of Faith Tour. I want to be Mama T! 

Thelma's words encouraged us all and struck a chord in my heart:

"There's nothing I can do without the anointing of God."

"If you are over 50, you have something to say. Why haven't you written a book?"

"Write it like you talk. Get directions from God — not from other writers."

I like the way Mama T thinks.

Sitting beside me  was Dianne Barker, best-selling author of Twice Pardoned and Living Proof. I'm currently loving her book I Don't Chase the Garbage Truck Down the Street in My Bathrobe Anymore! 

Dianne whispered to me, "I want to die holding a pen."  Me too, Dianne. Me too.

May we older writers be encouraged by these who went before us:

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote her first book in her mid-sixties.

Dr. Seuss wrote his last book at age 85.

Frank McCourt, published Angela's Ashes in his mid-sixties.

Harriet Doerr wrote Stones for Ibana at age 73.

And Mama T keeps on writing.

I hope you do too.

When does a writer retire?  When  the anointing of God has left your spirit and you have nothing left to write or speak. For me, I hope that happens when I end my journey on earth and begin writing in Heaven.

What are your thoughts?

May today's reflections be a splash of serenity to your writer's soul.



  1. I can see now that I really blew it at AWSA by not spending more time with you and Dianne! That was my struggle going into the conference. I heard the enemy's hissing: "You're too old to write anything meaningful. Who would listen?" Anita Brooks confronted those lies with compassion, and in that sleepless night following, I ended up with three mottoes for the rest of my life: "Take Courage, Build Strength, Embrace Freedom" -- and a desire to write about all three! Thank you, Elaine, for writing with transparency and truth. Hugs, Sister-Girlfriend! (And yes, I was inspired by Mama T too!)

  2. What an honor to write and speak for Jesus. Why would we ever stop? Prayer hugs to you too! Love your pic.

  3. Amen! To God be the glory with our pens and our lives! Love your post.

  4. I love the quote about if you're over 50, you have something to say. We are at the farm where Confessions Of a Farmer's Daughter began. I just came from a radio spot promoting my 3 books signings. All of our kids will be here too along with my sisters and their families for a week of being together again! Elaine, you are truly an inspiration and mentor to me!!

  5. Elaine,

    My favorite quote is, "Write it like you talk. Get directions from God — not from other writers." I don't think this is limited to the over-fifty crowd though. This is one compliment I've received from readers of "Where's Heidi? One Sister's Journey". They said it reads as if I'm talking with them, and not "at" them. Thanks for sharing another bubbly saint of God.

    Lisa M Buske

  6. I agree. When our personalities show up in our writing, we make friends with our readers.

  7. Three months ago you suggested we get together in September. Bummer. I just heard on FLN that you're hosting the Christmas craft sale. I hope to attend. If you want to get together before that, let me know. I get dinged on my phone now, so I'm more apt to get your message. God bless! I'm glad to see your name out there.

  8. Connie, I am so sorry about September. My hubby surprised me with a Bermuda cruise for our September anniversary and then a trip to visit our son in VA in early October. I haven't landed yet, it seems. Sorry.I do want to get together with writers in this area. We live way too close not to see each other.


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