Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Revolutionary War Story Missing from Our History Books

What better day than Independence Day to share the award-winning Fields of the Fatherless written by my friend  Elaine Marie Cooper.

Growing up in Massachusetts, Elaine walked by an historically preserved home. Her brother used to frighten her with "There's blood on the floor in there, you know." Elaine's curiosity as a writer pushed her to investigate. In Fields of the Fatherless she writes an historical novel of real people and real events of the onset of the Revolutionary War. Below is my five star review:

"Wow! Through the eyes, heart, mind, and soul of 18 year old Betsy Russell, Fields of the Fatherless takes you back to 1775 as a family and the village of Menotomy, Massachesetts awaits the inevitable and experiences the intolerable invasion of British troops. Elaine Marie Cooper's powerful writing takes the reader into the reality of life waiting and watching for war and death. You'll sense the fear, stress, overall sadness, and helplessness to stop. Fields of the Fatherless  bleeds raw tenderness of an 18 year old whose heart and life are ripped apart by war and the conflict war brings to her Christian upbringing. How do you love the enemy you hate?  Fields of  the Fatherless  shows us how in this award winning novel based on actual events. Congratulations and thank you Elaine Marie Cooper for writing a story missing in our history books."

A young adult novel I wish every adult would read and learn the real price paid for our freedoms.

Because so many died, we live free. Thank you to all our servicemen and women who fought for my freedom. May I never take your sacrifice lightly.

To go along with the theme of my blog, these men and women splashed their blood so we could enjoy splashes of serenity,


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