Monday, January 5, 2015

Throw Away Your List of Resolutions and Choose One Word

Throw away that list of resolutions you've already broken because, after all, we are five days in to this new year of 2015.  Instead, choose one word. A list is harder to keep. A word can change your life.

In January I begin my search for a word or a scripture that I will concentrate on during the year.

Where do I find my word? Well, there's only One Who knows what 2015 holds for me. So, I ask Him. I Pray. I read the Bible and let the  Holy Spirit whisper to my heart one word or one scripture God knows I'll need this year.

God and I have had some laughs. I remember the year He told me to "examine yourself." Ouch. Really glad when that year ended. Little did I know. God continued to give  me "examine yourself" the next year and the year after that. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Obviously, this girl's heart needed some major work  and God wasn't going to let me find a new word until we worked together to conquer my sin of examining others.

I'm so tickled that God gave me a sweet word for 2015. He gave me the word "Delight!" At first, I thought this will be a breeze. Who doesn't love to "delight"? "Examine yourself," not so much. But, delight! Oh yes.

 It's not been five days and I realize "delight" isn't always so easy, but it's always better than discontent, disappointment, dislike, or dismay.  There are times I don't want to delight. Bad things happen in this world. Even in this, I will delight! How? Because I know God is in control and He will use it all for His glory. I know the end of the story and God wins. Delightful!

So, this year, I will sit back, smile, and rest assured that my only goal for 2015 is to delight!  I won't fret or complain or question or worry or get angry. I'll just delight! How lovely. I do hope God gives me that word again and again.

Please share the word or scripture God gave you this  year. We'd all be encouraged hearing the word God whispers to your heart.

Have a delightful splashes of serenity kind of a year!



  1. I am currently ROTFL because although I'd been thinking about asking God for a word or a Word, I hadn't done it yet. So I asked Him, saying "Oh I hope it's something wonderful!" as I contemplated a very GREAT promise I'd received this past fall for 2015.
    The word? "WAIT"
    The Word? - "Wait on the LORD" written so many times in the Bible that I don't even need the exact quote. Of course that is what He has been telling me ever since He gave me the promise on October 15, 2014. And as you can well imagine - I am as fond of waiting as I am of fingernails screeching down a blackboard. LOL.

  2. So funny, Diane. You enjoy "wait" like I enjoyed "examine yourself." The sweet thing is that you know God is working in you and through all circumstances and He has a very good reason to give you "wait." Enjoy the wait! What follows will be much better than running ahead of God. Prayer hugs to you, my friend.

  3. Thank you Elaine. I am definitely waiting. No matter how much I dislike waiting, what I really want is God's gift in His timing.


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