Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm not a Poet and I Know It. But God Had a Plan When I Married Dan

 My goal in life was to marry a plumber
 and live in a house in winter and summer
with white picket fence, not optional.
We would raise our children and treasure our grands,
 attend one church and play in the bands.
There was only one problem I didn't foresee.
 I married a man in the U.S. Navy
who knew nothing of plumbing
and seeing the world kept him humming.

 Dan saw that military life was not for me
 So we bought our home in the country,
and settled with children numbering three.
One beautiful morn God spoke to our hearts
and revealed His plan for our lives.
No more did white picket fences or plumbers entice,
 I would spend my life as a Pastor's wife.
 It's been a glorious time
living this life of mine.
 We've loved our life
as Pastor and wife. 
Our homes hold memories galore!
We've travelled the world,
 cried and laughed with God's flock,
served til we dropped
without looking at a clock.
But now, our life will change in 2014.
Dan is retiring and I'm wondering how,
when I know we would never break our vow
to serve and love God til we take our last breath.
But God gave me hope and a sweet little verse
that wherever we go,
He's leading the show.
You see,
every year in January
 I ask God for a verse that I'll need for that year.
The one He gave in 2014 I'll forever hold dear
and thank God for making our path clear.

What a splash of serenity
 to know God is in it with me.
So, we'll move in July.
  I hope you'll drop by
 and share some of your life with me.
I do see what you are doing Lord.
You won't let us go. 
You're running our show.
Here's what I see:
Two new grandbabies due.
Another book to write — maybe two!
Ministry trips to Russia and Bosnia, perhaps Uruguay too!
We All Married Idiots in Spanish will come through,
with hopes of a Russian release. Woo Hoo!

New neighbors to reach.
Lots of speaking to teach
the Way to eternal life.
Looking forward to helping marriages with my best friend.
We're already booked to teach a marriage weekend.
Disabled veterans hold a place in Dan's heart.
Volunteering at the VA Hospital,
He can't wait to start.

A seminar for elders is a much needed tool.
Dan will be working on this so don't be fooled.
We aren't retiring, just following God's plan
He's about to do something new and He already began.

 Isaiah 43:19 is my verse for this year.
I hope you find a scripture you too can hold dear.

Others would love to know
 the verse God gave you
 and how He is leading your show.

With apologies to all you poets. Sometimes, I just have to sing!



  1. All I can say is, "Yay". I love how you embrace change with a positive God attitude!

  2. I'm not always so embraceable, Lisa, but I do love how God holds me through those difficult days and gives me His Hugs just when I need them.


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