Friday, October 11, 2013

Dear God, He's Home! Book Review and Give Away

Ha! I never knew when I agreed to review Janet Thompson's book, Dear God, He's Home! A Woman's Guide to Her Stay-at-Home Man how desperately I needed this book.

Dan and I prayed about retirement for months without finding peace. In September my Dan came home and announced he is retiring in August 2014. I was surprised. Can't imagine my man not getting up every morning and going to work. I plan to continue my writing and speaking career. How will our marriage work with Dan home and me writing?  I needed A Woman's Guide to Her Stay-at-Home Man.

Dear God He's Home! isn't just for those adjusting to retirement. Many factors can bring your man home:  illness, disability, unemployment, deciding to have a home office, home from military deployment.

This book deals with the emotional upheaval that comes whether a well-thought-out retirement or a sudden accident or a lay-off brings your man home.

Reminding wives that God is the solution, not the problem, Dear God, He's Home helps you find God's purpose, and say with a smile of contentment, "Thank God, He's Home!"

Leave a comment and you will enter a drawing for a free copy of Dear God, He's Home. Contest ends October 21. Winner to be announced October 22, 2013. Congratulations to Kathy Lytle, the winner of Dear God, He's Home! Be blessed, Kathy, with your stay-at-home man!

Back cover: "Your husband is now home 24/7 and you need help ASAP! Dear God, He's Home! is a practical and raw look at issues couples go through when — regardless of the reason — a spouse is forced to become a stay-at-home man. Sharing openly from personal experience and through Scripture, Janet will encourage you to joyfully embrace your God-ordained marriage. The book also includes personal thought questions, discussion questions for couples, and a small-group discussion guide."

About the Author:  Janet Thompson, founder and director of About His Work Ministries, is the recognized author of the "Dear God" series. Janet developed the Woman to Woman Mentoring Ministry at Saddleback Church, served as a lay minister for 12 years, and she continues to share the blessings of mentoring by training churches around the world. Dave and Janet have four married children and love being Grammie and Grampa to 11 beautiful grandchildren.

May God splash serenity on your marriage when you wake up and find him home — for better or for worse!



  1. This book is timely for people in my circle! thea

  2. Lots of circles, Thea. Good for anyone going through any type of life change. Thanks for the comment. I hope you win the book!

  3. Ha! My dairy farmer husband has always been "home," with his place of employment being right outside the back door! :)

    Now I'm at home trying to write between interruptions. Sign me up for the drawing, Elaine!

  4. Elaine, testing the commenting system. It seems to be working!

  5. I've lost my previously made comments? Or do I not see them?

  6. It takes 24 hours for them to show up - they'll email you when they are done importing them!

  7. Phew! Thank you so much, Mary. You are an amazing servant of God. Thanking Him for you in my life and ministry.

  8. I've always dreamed of being married to a farmer, Linda. My hubby is a pastor, so I guess you can say he plants seeds too!

  9. Congratulations to Kathy Lytle, the winner of Dear God, He's Home! Be blessed, Kathy as you live with your stay-at-home man!


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