Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our 43rd Anniversary and We're Separated

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Today is our 43rd Anniversary and Dan and I are not together. How did that happen? 

September 12, 1970, is the most important day of our lives! Our anniversary is so special that Dan takes the day off as a vacation day! Some years we extend the day to a week or a weekend. We love each other and we love celebrating our anniversary!

I remember one of our best celebrations in a year when money was tight. Hiking a mountain, our backpacks filled with candles, apples, cheese, wedding cake, fruit bubbly, and a blanket, we dined alone by candlight at the top of a mountain. The view was better than any seen from a sky high restaurant. We cuddled and kissed and sang love songs to each other. Have you heard my hubby sing? Yep, I swooned!

Funny, we've eaten fine food around the world, but it's the apples on a mountaintop that I remember best. Lovers in love don't need money to enjoy the moments of life.

We do celebrate our marriage, so why aren't we together?

Months ago I was asked to speak in California on September 13 - 15. Great!  We can celebrate on the 12th and I'll hop on an airplane to CA on the 13th. Airline schedules didn't cooperate, so we thought We'll both go to California. We'll leave a few days early and enjoy a 43rd anniversary in the California Redwoods. Woo Hoo! When Dan's work required him to be at a meeting near New York City on September 12, we realized spending our special day together was not to be.

I'm missing him, but I'm all right. We're at opposite ends of the country, but our hearts beat as one.

Last weekend we escaped alone. When we reunite next week, we're going away again. Who knows, we may end up on the top of another mountain!

Every day of marriage is a gift from God to be treasured. Every moment an opportunity to make a memory.

I'd love to hear your favorite anniversary story? Please share and give us ideas for future celebrations! We're praying for 43 more!

"Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."
Mark 10:9 (NIV)

Splashes of serenity prayed for my marriage and yours,


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