Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thanking God for George Beverly Shea's Work in Our Lives

 I remember the day well. Over thirty years ago.

 Our dreams had come true. We had it all! Loving marriage, beautiful children, financial security, dream home, a new found faith in Jesus Christ. Our hearts overflowed with joy and love and happiness we never dreamed possible.

Then came the call. God asked us to surrender our lives to him and enter full-time ministry. Could we give it all up? Financial security? Our dream house? How would a move affect our children? They were doing so well right where we were.

Dan and I drove country roads discussing and pondering the challenges ministry would place on our family. Weary of talking, I turned on the radio.

George Beverly Shea's beautiful baritone voice singing I'd Rather Have Jesus filled the airwaves of our car.  Dan and I looked at each other and we knew.  Yes, we'd rather have Jesus than houses or lands, silver or gold, riches untold. We'd rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today. Our children would be in God's care — the best place for them.

George Beverly Shea obeyed God and sang for Him. God used him to sing to us that day. His words were life changing. On difficult ministry days, we sing I'd Rather Have Jesus or play it on the George Beverly Shea cassette I bought for Dan one Christmas. In the 1990's tears streamed my cheeks as I sat not ten feet from Mr. Shea and enjoyed a private concert at The Cove in Ashville, NC.

There is no better place than in the center of God's will. May you know that truth today and sing I'd Rather Have Jesus than anything this world affords today.

Yesterday, at age 104, George Beverly Shea, met the Jesus he sang for.  Oh, I can hear him singing!  You can too! May this you-tube of I'd Rather Have Jesus be a splash of serenity in your day! I pray you'd rather have Jesus too!

I'd love to hear who God used in your life to affirm His will for you.

Thanking God for George Beverly Shea,



  1. Amen! I'm so glad you listened to God's call on your life. I'm glad that Dan & I listened too. It hasn't been easy but oh, so rewarding!

    Love you!

  2. There's no better or safer place to be, Terri. I know that you and your Dan know that too. We are blessed to serve the God of Creation. Pretty amazing, really. He usees idiots like us for His glory. Thanking God for you!



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