Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Slept Alone Last Night.

Tossing and turning in my sleep, I reached for him, longing to feel him next to me — where he should be, but wasn't.

Dan slept in a different bed last night in another part of the state. I missed him.

When we married, God joined us as one person physically, spiritually, emotionally. Half of me was gone last night. Disturbing our oneness unsettled my sleep.

My marriage isn't perfect. There are moments when I want to escape to the guest room. Thankfully, those times are rare and brief.

How about you? Are you one with your spouse, or is there a wall (seen or unseen) between you? Whatever is going on in your marriage, please don't give up. Seek help.

I wrote We All Married Idiots because when we hit the wall, I almost threw away the most precious man and our amazing marriage. Too many husbands and wives give up too soon for too little reason.

Being a divorce statistic is not fun. Generations of  lives are hurt on your way to the lawyer.

God is using We All Married Idiots to help marriages survive and thrive. This week marks one year since my book's release. Many marriages have been helped, but there are many more sleeping alone tonight (and not because of a business trip). Would you please recommend We All Married Idiots to your friends? Perhaps, you need to read it too.

Thank you for caring about marriages. I'm praising God for healthy marriages being made more healthy and hurting marriages healed.

 We All Married Idiots is available at your local bookstore or on-line.

Dan returns home tonight. I look forward to sweet sleep in the arms of the man I almost gave up. Thanking God for keeping us from making the biggest mistake of our lives. Thanking God for my marriage. Praying for yours.

Enjoy sweet dreams in the arms of your beloved as a splash of serenity to your marriage.



  1. My sweetie is coming home tomorrow. I HATE it when he's gone, partially because I end up sleeping with my daughter's foot in my back, but also because... well... I sent him a text last night. "Bed time no fun without U." He replied. "I agree."

  2. I love hearing happy love stories, Olivia. Thank you for commenting.

    Amazing that the man I didn't care if I slept with 40 years ago is the man I can't sleep without today. Hold on young lovers. Let your marriage mature.

  3. Love you. I know about the walls seen and unseen. Hugs to you and thank you for all you do for marriages. :O)

  4. Diane, I suspect every marriage has days when walls come between a husband and wife. The key is to keep running your marriage race til you run through that wall. "Love never gives up" says 1 Corinthians 13.

    Love you too, my friend.


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