Thursday, April 11, 2013

Christian Authors, Shout Your Books From the Rooftops!

 Christian authors can be quiet about their books. Afterall, they don't want to appear boastful.

 I say, "Phooey!"

Secular books scream their slime while Christian authors whisper the Good News afraid they might appear arrogant or offend someone.

Remember God's Word to us in Romans 1:16,  "I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes."

My books contain the gospel. I am not ashamed. In fact, I feel disobedient if I don't shout about them.

 Donald Miller agrees with me in his blog, "Why I Self-Promote." You can read it here:

Boiling down his blog to one sentence:

 I self promote because my books help people.

Kudos to you, Donald Miller!!! I agree.

The differences between those who self-promote and those who don't seems to lie in who wrote your book. So, who did write your book? I didn't write mine. Only God could have written my three books. I don't have that ability.

Knowing that God wrote a book that will help people, how can I keep quiet? I will shout it from the rooftops.

I am not ashamed. I am commanded.

God gave me a mission and a passion and a platform.
None of this was my idea!

I encourage you to work wholeheartedly to promote the books God planned for you to write for His Kingdom.

Please Christian authors, shout your books from the rooftops!

Our books are splashes of serenity to a world that is drained,



  1. Thank you for saying this! Self promoting is hard.

  2. Love it! It is so hard but you are right. If I don't talk about my book, how will anyone ever know the message it has? And then it would be totally pointless to write it! Thanks, Elaine.

  3. For me it all comes down to who am I promoting? It's hard to promote me, but it's not hard for me to promote Jesus Christ. The older I get, the easier this becomes because I have fewer days to do so and Jesus keeps meaning more and more to me.

    So, Terri, be encouraged if this is hard. The more you promote and see the fruits of your obedience to God, the easier it becomes.

  4. Most people feel weird about promoting themselves. What you're really doing is reaching out to your audience, hopefully with open arms.

  5. Good point, Olivia. I hope I am promoting Jesus and not promoting myself. I know that is my heart.

    Thanks for your comment, friend.

    Hugs on your promoting your new book!

  6. Oh Elaine,

    I wish I'd read this blog when you posted it. Yesterday I apologized to my readers for the "bold" blog. As I read this blog, I was relieved to think, "Okay, I didn't do anything wrong."

    My book, "Where's Heidi? One Sister's Journey" released on April 3. The feedback is amazing and God is working in the hearts of those reading it. I receive beautiful comments, messages, and emails after people read the book yet only a few have posted a review on Amazon.

    I set up my author's goodreads account this past week too. Yesterday I asked my readers to take five minutes and leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and through their own social media if they enjoyed and/or found "Where's Heidi?" helpful to them.

    I felt terrible and as if I was doing something wrong to ask this. Thank you for reminding us its okay to share our books and promote the books God gave us to write.

    I don't want to go off the deep end and be pushy but thanks for using Scripture to reinforce - we can shout the Scripture and the message from the rooftops.

    May hearts be changed and drawn to Christ through all of our writing and speaking opportunities. To Him be the glory.

    Thanks Elaine!
    Lisa M Buske

  7. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! Your story should be shouted from the rooftops. Everyone needs to read Where's Heidi? Your book is filled with God's Word and God's power in your life. Do not apologize. Do not be ashamed.

    Love you!


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